Rooms and Spaces

Indoor Areas

The Living Room

Beautiful comfortable lounge chairs that enable you to ‘lounge’ either in front of the TV, gas fireplace or to simply read a book.

You also have the option of lying in the window seat to enjoy an afternoon nap while enjoying the ambience of the quiet countryside outside.

The gas fireplace provides all of the ambience of a fire, while having the convenience of an on/off switch.

The Main Bedroom

The main bedroom contains a very comfortable and welcoming queen sized bed and lighting for reading your favourite novel.

From the bed there is a view to the local countryside where you will often be able to lie in bed in the morning and enjoy cattle and horses on the neighbouring property and the occasional wallaby with it’s joey jumping by.

The Second Bedroom

The second bedroom contains a double bed and a single bed, with easy access onto the verandah surrounding the cottage.

While there is plenty of cozy bedding for those cool hinterland nights, there is also electric heating available in this bedroom should it be required.

The Kitchen and Dining Room

There is a full kitchen available for you to use during your stay within which you can do everything from serving take-away purchased from a local restaurant through to preparing and cooking your own meals for the family.

The Bathroom

The country bathroom enjoys a beautiful view onto the neighbouring countryside. You will be able to enjoy a bath or showing while utilising the selection of bath gels and soaps available.

A Hairdryer is also provided for your convenience.

Outdoor Areas

The Gazebo

In the gazebo have an afternoon glass of champagne while you enjoy the changes over the rolling hills of Maleny while the sun sets in the evening.

Or perhaps, while you are inspired by the lascape, you would prefer to use the easel in order to complete a beautiful watercolour.

The Fire Pit

The fire pit is located in a private location at the side of Magnolia Cottage and overlooks the surrounding countryside.

While you relax around the warmth and glow of the fire, you will marvel at the stars, unaffected by the light pollution that diminishes them in the city.